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Celebrating Vaclav Havel and the Velvet Revolution: An Evening of Film and Discussion

Featuring remarks by

Igor Lukes, Ph.D.

Honorary Consul of the Czech Republic in Boston

Professor of International Relations, Boston University

In addition to honoring the legacy of playwright, dissident, and statesman Vaclav Havel, this screening and discussion will commemorate the fateful events of the Velvet Revolution 25 years ago, in which the Communist Party was forced to relinquish its monopoly on political power in Czechoslovakia. Film screenings will include:

A Report on the Party and Guests

A pleasant afternoon outing is cut short when a few pushy intruders force a group of friends to play a round of ridiculous party games. Jan Němec’s absurdist parable on the behavior of authority figures is a landmark of the Czech New Wave of the brief Prague Spring.

And two short films:

Who is Vaclav Havel

A short propaganda film, produced for the communist regime in the 1970s to disparage Havel, his plays, and his supposed wealth.

The Uninvited Guest

When a boorish official enters and makes himself at home in a young couple’s flat, it’s soon apparent that all the flats in the building face the same dilemma—each has its own intruder. A short parable on socialist living for which the director was banned from making films for twenty years.

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