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Current & Upcoming Visitors

Poland: Community Building Around Cultural and Science Centers
April 20-23

A delegation from Poland will explore best practices in cultural educational Institution management in the U.S. and explore potential international cultural partnerships with American cultural and scientific centers.

Germany: Countering Violent Extremism through Education
April 12-15

Individuals from Germany learned how to counter extremist narratives using key prevention strategies that promote integration and intercultural tolerance, and build resilience within local communities.

India: Internationalizing and Engaging State-Level Higher Education
April 6-12

A group of visitors from India learned about higher education policy and explored international exchanges and study abroad opportunities.

Russia: Museum Outreach
April 6-8

A delegation from Russia learned about modern approaches for museum educational programs in the U.S., and they discovered best practices in educational programming to enhance the museum experience.

Italy: Immigration and Integration
April 5-8

A delegation from Italy examined aspects of policies and activities at the national, state and local level regarding the reception of immigrants and refugees, as well as examined the role of NGOs in immigrant reception and integration in civil society.