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International Visitor Leadership Program

The main source of WorldBoston’s international visitors is the Department of State’s International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP), supported by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs and its nonprofit partner, Global Ties U.S., of which WorldBoston is an affiliate. IVLP began in the U.S. in 1940, and in Boston in 1961. Participants in this program are nominated by U.S. Embassies abroad. Distinguished IVLP alumni include over 320 current and former heads of state and other leaders, such as:

  • Oscar Arias, former President of Costa Rica
  • Tony Blair, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
  • Felipe Calderon, former President of Mexico
  • Dilma Rousseff, former President of Brazil
  • Nicolas Sarkozy, former President of France
  • Manmohan Singh, former Prime Minister of India
  • Margaret Thatcher, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
  • Christian Wulff, former President of Germany
  • Ma Ying-jeou, former President of Taiwan

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