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World AIDS Day

Widely acknowledged as one of the foremost issues in Global Public Health today, professionals worldwide came together to address AIDS/HIV this year on World AIDS Day through the IVLP. This group of International Visitors included directors and managers of various non-profits, NGO’s and humanitarian projects including the Red Cross, representatives of several international Ministries of Public Health, a representative of the World Bank, and several doctors & medical educators from 16 different countries who are all involved in the international campaign against HIV/AIDS. At an event co-hosted with Northeastern University, the visitors formed a panel to discuss challenges and progress in the HIV/AIDS crisis with professors at Northeastern and active audience participation.

We loved hosting this dynamic group, and have shared several snapshots of this great event above! For more photos of the event, check out Northeastern University’s Flickr page here. We hope to see you all at future events, and encourage you to stay involved with our International Visitors!

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